DVD Rip Files - Weird Stuff on Playback

I set out today to see if I could sling .VOB files to my ps3 in the basement via my computer upstairs.

I read on some other forum that all you have to do is rename the file with a .MPG extension. This seems to work, however I have had some difficuly recognizing which .VOB file corresponds to each episode on the disk. Weird things have been occuring…

  1. When I go through each VOB, only the first episode of the disk plays. This happens every time I double click each of the 13 VOB files in the VIDEO_TS folder. It seems to be playing these in a couple of different demensions too. Sometimes, however, I can get it to play a different episode by double clicking… this happens rarely. Thought this was realy strange, almost as though the VOB’s were switching their names around :expressionless:

  2. When I go to rename the VOB to MPG, the video will sometimes change. As an example I took the file VTS_04_1.VOB and changed it to VTS_04_1.mpg. This was previously playing as the second episode on the DVD. After I changed the extension, it would play as the DVD’s third episode.

This makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever, and considering I know nothing about how DVD files work, I was hoping one of you guys would.

Any advice on which file corresponds to which episode or how to sling VOB files to a ps3 would be greatly appreciated.

Episodes can cover more than one vob so the easiest way would be to use DVD Shrink to re-author a DVD and save each ep to it’s own folder while having Preferences > Output Files > Split Vobs unchecked. That way you should end up with one vob per ep which can be named accordingly.