DVD Rip/Encode Hardware questions and suggestions

Hi, long time reader, first time poster here. I’ve searched through the site/forum as well as google but can’t seem to find any straight consolidated answers to some of my questions…

First off my company is needing me to rip a lot of DVDs to be put on a VOD(video on demand) site we’re building. The company building our VOD site has given me some instructions on how to do so by using DVD-Decrypter and Mpeg_VCR, which is fine I know how to use those. We have hundreds of DVDs needing to be ripped, I’m curious what the fastest method of doing this would be…

Also we’re looking to buy a new computer just for that, what exactly does ripping a dvd take the resource of? 100% the DVD drive and the CPU?

My second task of the project is also encoding ripped DVDs with DRM, etc. And as far as I know(correct me if I’m wrong) encoding is 100% CPU usage and has nothing to do with Graphics Card? Would having multiple core CPU help with that if the software being used supports it?

I was looking at something like this(not sure if link will work or not):

Pretty much default configuration it has there with minor add/sub here and there.

Choosing dell for simpilcity sake for the company, otherwise I would probably have built a similar system myself.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

This is difficult for us to advise on, since it’s a commercial operation and your questions need to be addressed by the various companies that are contributing to the business plan.

I think the only thing we can help you with is to point out that whatever multi-core or multi-threaded hardware you have; the critical thing is choosing the software that will make use of it.

Frankly I’m a little surprised you haven’t found a solution to your intended project,since you say you’re a “long time reader”…
If the Mods say it’s ok to help you on your VOD project then you’ll get lots of tips/help soon enough…

Edit: looks like imkidd57 is on top of it already…

I think with a business venture of this nature (ripping “hundreds of DVDs” and re-encoding with DRM), it’s probably best if the various interested commercial partners find a solution between themselves.

Very well, thanks for the advisement, though. Yes I’ve been lurking around the forums and I have come across many solutions, but was curious if there were something I didn’t come across for my needs.

I guess to better reiterate, it’s ripping DVDs that we produced and released on our own, nothing illegal or of that nature.

I’ve talked with the company we’re working with whom are building our VOD site, and that’s their “favorite” solution with the DVD-Decrypter, etc. But I digress…

How bout this question though, the process of ripping a movie from a DVD, the load and amount it takes is dependant on both the DVD drive and the CPU and has nothing to do with graphics card? That’s my ignornace in that department, I guess what I’m really looking for is buying the optimical equipment for the job.

Edit: I guess I wanted to add that, obviously we’re very new in this type of venture, have talked it over with or parnters and I just wanted some input from others. In other words, our partners don’t sound like they know all that much, or rather other solutions (which may be better) for getting content up on the servers.