Dvd rip/burn speeds

i have a 8x 1008IM… it takes about 25min to rip a dvd and only 10min to write it… whats up with this?

can i increase my rip speed some how?

Hi and welcome here,

25 minutes for ripping a movie is normal and there is no way to increase the speed at the moment because the BTC drives are not that popular that someone will spend the time to ripunlock the firmwares. I tested such a firmware a few month ago on a 1004 IM but it havent worked. After that i haven’t heard anything about that.

To give a comment to the time for writing i need the size of the file and the writespeed. It takes normally about 14 min for 4.38 GB @4x speed and about 10 min at 8x. It’s one of the slowest drives at 8x i think.