DVD rip and reauthor question

I have a DVD9 which contain both the full screen and wide screen version of a movie. I ripped the wide screen version along with all the extras and menus. When I go to play the movie, the menu screen where you can choose widescreen or full screen still appears. Is there a way to just remove the menu where it gives the option of wide screen and full screen and just automatically play the full screen version?

My ESP has failed me this evening. Ripped with which program?

Oh sorry didn’t think it matter since I have the dvd on my hard drive already and figured I could just load the files up in any program. I used DVD Shrink 3.5 to rip.

Hi. The reason I ask is because different programs treat different elements differently (heh - mouthful). Shrink is either all menu or no menu (Re-author Mode) - no in between.

I would try CloneDVD because it explicitly tags the ‘first-play’ title and you can keep or not keep the menu.

You can rip with DVD Decrypter or CloneDVD + AnyDVD and then transcode. Ripping with Decrypter in IFO Mode (NB: include all IFO files) will give you exact control over the rip including audio streams. File Mode + all IFOs will not work with branching title sets for transcoders. Clone does a similar job but hides most all of the techo stuff.

I meant to ask, too, if you could do a screenie of this title in Decrypter IFO Mode? We don’t have these 4:3/16:9 titles in R4

I tried CloneDVD and it seemed to be an all menu or no menu deal, but that was with loading files off the hard drive. How do I take a screen shot of in Decrypter IFO Mode?

Snagit? Hypersnap?