DVD Rewriters

I was thinking of buying an internal DVD Rewriter for my Vaio. I currently have an internal DVD-ROM drive (Pioneer) and CD-RW (LG) drive installed inside the case.

I wanted to swap the DVD-ROM drive with a DVD-RW drive. But note that I’m not willing to pay anything above £35 (with the PC World 1 year warranty thrown in aswell).

I was having a look through PC World’s website and I’m considering buying one of these drives:

Sony DWG-120A

LG GSA-4167

Philips SPD2400BM

Benq DW1650

I was planning on going into my local PC World store on Friday and picking up one of these drives.

Based on reading and writing quality/performance and reliability, which one should I go for? And please keep in mind that I will need a drive where I can take off the panel that covers the disc tray. Remember, it’s going into a Vaio that looks like this:

You can now see why it’s important for the panel (covering the disc tray) being able to come off. The colour of the DVD-RW drive doesn’t matter because the only thing that’ll be visible when the new drive is installed is the disc tray (and that’s when it’s opened). As long as the disc tray cover on the new drive can come off, then it should be no problem in putting the old Vaio disc tray cover on the new drive.

Any and all replies would be much appreciated. :clap:

The Philips drive is actually a LiteOn 1635S, but crossflashing it would invalidate any warranty (I have two, both crossflashed). Not sure what the burn quality is on them without the crossflash.

The LG drive is a good one, as is the BenQ…it’s a hard choice between those two, as they’re both excellent quality burners.

Not sure about the Sony.

Edit: I’m really not sure about the disc trays, all I can comment on is my opinion of their burn quality. :slight_smile:

It would have to be the Benq 1650 for me.

Great burn quality & a very good Disc Quality scanner, so you can see how good your burners are.

I got the Philips & the Benq from SVP for £20 each. Actually the Benq was being sold as a Philips but it was an easy cross flash. For the SPD2400 I cross flashed that to the Liteon as Arachne says.

For most burners the front panel is detachable, one way or another.

I think the LG 4167 could be a good bet (in terms of the disc tray at least). My CD Rewriter is a GCE 8320B currently set as Secondary Slave. But is it ok to have two LG drives connected across the same IDE channel?

I’ve also heard that people who’ve bought the 4167 have been having lots of problems. The user reviews for that particular drive aren’t good.

I think I might try the Benq drive then. I’ve managed to find a way to get the drives in and out the case alright but like I said earlier, the issue with this Vaio case is the cover that’s attached to the current Pioneer drive. It can easily fit another drive just as long as you can take off the cover on the disc tray on the new drive.

EDIT: Is the Benq 1650 really a Sony drive? I’m sure I saw something in this forum about Benq and Sony models being exactly the same.

I think with the PSU problems with the 4167 - some drives suffer, some don’t. The impression I get is that if it’s affected, it won’t burn, and won’t recognise discs properly. If that’s the case, you could return it to PCW.

I wasn’t aware of the 1650 being a Sony drive…you might mean the Sony being a BenQ 1650, that may be the case, I don’t know. But again, you’d have to crossflash to use any BenQ features (QSuite etc), thus invalidating your warranty.

Edit: Did a quick search since I’m bored, and this is what I found:

Sony DWG-120A is a Liteon SHM-165P6S clone


The thing with the LG 4167 is if it doesn’t work for me, I’d have to take apart my Vaio again and then return the damn drive and buy something else instead. :a

I’ve heard the Sony drive has it’s own set of problems aswell. I haven’t heard anything about the Philips. Is it reliable?

And also, does the Benq drive have any known problems?

The “Philips” and the BenQ are both reliable for me, so far.

I guess I’d probably pick the BenQ too, as it’s a great burner, and quality scanner right out of the box. No crossflashing required. :slight_smile:

I called PC World a few hours ago and they said their Benq DW1650 drive is grey which means that aesthetically, it should fit in perfectly into my Vaio case. :slight_smile:

It also comes with a white and black bezel. Looks like the Benq is my best option.

Anyway, thanks for the help.

Just thought I’d let everyone know that I managed to get the Benq drive into my Vaio case with the Vaio faceplate.

I haven’t tried burning any DVDs yet but I will do just as soon as I can get some more blank discs.

EDIT: I spotted a cdfreaks badge at the front of the Benq DW1650 box. I didn’t know this site was commercial. :confused:

Excellent! Glad your drive fits in well with the Vaio case :clap:

I too noticed the CDF site on the front of the 1650 I bought the other day. :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
BenQ lists this site (amongst others) in their support pages.

We’re famous :bigsmile:

We are… we are even on the box of my 1655… it even says in a quote “talk to arachne… sometimes she will endorse our product instead of going on about those crappy lite-ons”

LOL :bigsmile:

Now Now Cigar,
Not “All” Liteys are crappy, just most of them! :stuck_out_tongue:

What a pair you two are! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy to endorse BenQ stuff, I’m well happy with my two 1650s :flower:

Hi :slight_smile:
I heard a rumour that you had to switch from Lite-Ons’ as they were fed up of your RMAs’. With which you used cat litter as packing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lies, all lies :p…I never RMA’d a DVD burner yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same Litey’s as Arachne and they are both really good drives.
I have lots of different Benqs (too many to list) and the only one that went back was a DQ60.

It’s quite an achievement considering that Sony have made it as hard as possible in getting to the old DVD/CD drives in an RX401. I’ve heard that lots of people have had trouble in getting their old DVD/CD drives out of their Vaio RX4xx PC. I managed it, eventually.

I also now know that Pioneer and Benq use the same disc tray mounting method (which was vital in order for the Vaio faceplate to fit the new drive).

I was quite shocked when I first saw the CDfreaks logo on the front of the box. :eek: I always thought CDfreaks was an unofficial support forum. :confused:

The box did have some other sites on the front aswell such as CDRlabs.com and CDRinfo.com. It looks like this particular Benq drive is quite popular.