DVD Rewriter dilema

My CD Rewriter has died and i’m thinking of purchasing a DVD Rewriter. With the capability of burning onto normal CD-R, DVD-R and Dual layer dvds. But, i also want to get myself a laptop in the near future.

Should i get a USB/Firewire DVD Rewriter? Then i can use this on any machine.

Do you know of any laptops that come with good DVD-RW drives, or can you recommend any good DVD-RW drives for laptops?

Sorry for the questions. But i’m new to DVD Rewriter technology :eek: :rolleyes:

Welcome to the forums, I think you would be happy with an NEC 6500A ( slimline burner ).


If you buy a Laptop/Notebook, pay attention to the DVD RW. Usually in Acer Notebooks they put Matsushita (Panasonic) or Toshiba DVD RWs. Matsushita is a tricky drive, but reliable. You can read about it a lot in Forums.

If you intend to buy an external DVD RW, there are a number of solutions. I use an External Freecom Classic DVD RW, USB 2. It is quick, reliable, no any probs so far. A very good idea to have an external DVD RW: mobility.