DVD rewritable drive review

What is the best dvd burner out there right now. I will be using it for many dvd formats, would prefer the fastest as I will be making numerous copys of dvds for my employees.

What about the new Plextor 16x? Is it out yet?

thanks from a novice,


plextor is a great brand name that many here swear by. I’d also take a peek at the nec 3500 series, and some to the Liteon units.

Burning at the highest possible speed has it drawbacks, as you increase your chance of making discs that may be less likely to play on picky set top players.

If it were me, I’d opt an NEC3500

Just my opinion…:slight_smile:


I have two 3500’s and they both work very well - and at a price point of $70 + $5 shipping from www.newegg.com you can’t go wrong-

Use very good media such as Taiyo Yuden 8x - or + R’s and you will get the best speed with the best writes-