DVD result is all pixelated using Lite-on DVDRW sohw-1213s drive! Please help


DVD: Imation (CMC MAG AE1) DVD-R 8x (I’m not sure what speed I burnt them at, and the speed doesn’t seem to make a different to the result, see below)
Drive: Lite-on DVDRW sohw-1213s
Firmware: used to be TSO9, but updated to TSOJ
Program: DVDShrink (extracting and re-authoring)
Burn program: Nero

I was using Nero to burn (through DVD shrink which extracted the files), and it seemed to burn ok but when I would try and play it on the DVD player and DVD-Rom, the movie would play all pixelated and jumpy. I don’t think it is a DVD player issue, imo.

I have updated the firmware to TSOJ but I am still having this pixelation problem when I playback the DVD.

So I tried to burn a spare Base DVD+R x16 (CMC MAG M01) I had lying around (I think I burnt it at 6x speed at Nero’s recommendation), and it did get through the burning process, but really slow at about 1% every 10 minutes!

In the end I had to cancel since it was so slow, but what it did burn was still pixelated and lagging (the problem I had in the first place before updating the firmware).

I don’t know how to show details of the “burn report” since it did burn ok, so I didn’t have the option to save it.

What should I do?
Do I need to use a different extraction/burning program?
What’s the best freeware extractor program other than DVDShrink?
Should I use different media?

I don’t know too much about the burning process so any help would be appreciated. And if you need any more info just let me know. Thanks so much… :cool:

Welcome to the Forum, rachelcakes1985 :slight_smile:

There’s nothing wrong with using DVD Shrink and Nero to back-up a movie DVD. You may want to check however that you have the latest available update for your Nero installation. (I don’t know which wersion you have, but is the most recent Nero 6 Reloaded that lets you burn straight out of DVD Shrink. On Nero’s website, you’ll find, but this gives an error when trying to burn straight out of DVD Shrink, so you have to save the output of Shrink as folders on hard disk or as an ISO image first and initiate the burn seperately.)

Now about the pixellation, this is probably due to poor burn quality of the discs. Do you have the same problem when watching the DVD on your PC as well? When you go to Start -> Nero -> Nero Toolkit, there’s a couple useful tools there that will help us in diagnosing the problem.

  1. Nero InfoTool: save the log and copy + paste it in your next post (Go Advanced and put the log text it in CODE tags please)

  2. Nero CD-DVD Speed: please do a Transfer Rate Test and a Disc Quality test with one of the pixellating discs (save both images by clicking the floppy icon on top of the window and attach the .png image files with your next post).

Finally, you can crossflash your drive with patched firmware from http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html to try and improve the burn results. I suggest you try with “CS0T - patched - crossflashing, multi-colored LED (for 1213S, 1613S, 1633S, etc.)”

I would try some quality media first. :wink:

Yes, get some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden DVD+R’s and try again, though the “really slow at 1%” thing leads me to believe you’ve got some kind of buffer-underrun related issues.

Make sure the drive is in DMA mode (In Windows Device Manager right click on the IDE channel the drive is attached to (probably secondary) and choose properties, the “advanced” tab, and make sure everything there is set to “DMA if available”). If it isn’t there are several tutorials here to help fix that. Good quality internal cables do wonders as well – make sure you’re using an 80-wire IDE cable.

Just adding to the above post. The Current Transfer Mode is what’s important , not just DMA iof available. The CTM needs to be Ultra DMA mode 2 or maybe mode 4.


thankyou all for your prompt and helpful replies.

I got the problem sorted out, but it was my fault all along. I didn’t realise I had to download a program to initially get the files from the DVD to the computer- I was just using the old copy-paste function from my DVD drive to my hard drive.

So I downloaded DVDFab Decrypter, and used DVD shrink along with Nero and it worked! I made my first burnt DVD- I’m so happy. :slight_smile:

But thankyou for all of your suggestions, and if I have the slow burning problem or “illegal disc” error that I got out of the blue with my Imation’s, I’ll let you know.

Rachel. :slight_smile: