DVD restarts buring playback

I have just converted a film from avi->ISO using avi2dvd and burnt it onto disc. About 15 minutes in the film will revert to the start and play from the beginning with NO sound.

What has happened here?

The conversion must have go wrong.

Have you use this system befor and it worked? Or are you trying some
thing new? if so you may want to use other tools and try again.
We all burn costers as we learn.

This was my first burn with CCE.

Does anyone else encode with CCE?

Part way through (after audio demuxing) a DOS window appears in which there is no activity. I closed this window and then the process carried on. Could it be closing this window that caused the problem even though there was nothing moving (ie counting) in the window.

It would help if you could explain in some detail exactly what your process is, preferably without using abbreviations.

Some of us thought you were using avi2DVD to make an “ISO”. What is this - an ISO disc image? Now you introduce “CCE” (?CinemaCraft Encoder (and which isn’t a “burner”, if I remember correctly))…

A DOS window :eek: Sometimes that’s not a good sign :disagree:

Please list the events you are doing to burn and play this disc.