Dvd rescue software

Just wondering if anyone can recommend any software that is quite good at resurrecting a badly recorded dvd.

Keeps coming up with read errors when ripping recorded dvd video back to the pc…but seems to play fine in the dvd recorder(5005).

Any ideas would be helpful.

Is this a disc you have recorded yourself or is it a commercial one with protection?

You can do a disc scan with Nero CDSpeed to see how many read errors the disc has. You can use DVDDecrypter to rip it to your hard drive, with the retries set high and ignore read errors. You can then play the resulting files on your PC to make sure they still play ok. You could also use something Nero or AnyDVD to slow down your drive to see if that helps.

ISOBuster is very, very good at recovering crappy discs.

The other option, is that different drives have better/worse reading abilities, so it may be worth asking a friend with a different drive to have a go.


Nah it’s just recorded programs from pay tv that seem to play back fine on the 5005 recorder but when I rip it to the pc to cut out the menu junk it seems to often get read errors.

I use dvd decrypter when I run into more serious probs. But even when speed set to 1x and other adjustments it still has a lot of errors.

Only drive I have access to also

I might give the Iso buster a go, see what happens.

DVD Shrink

Did you try DVD Decrypter with the ignore read errors box checked and retrys set to 0 on the I/O tab or DVDFab Decrypter? If all else fails and you have a DVD player and the DVD plays record it again on the LiteOn on a different media.