DVD Replication with DVD ENCRYPTION?

Hi, I’m working with a company and their going to be selling some dvd sets.

Im trying to figure out if its worth it, or how its done, to have dvd’s made with encryption on them.

Obviously everyone like the viewers here at cdfreaks will be able to get around it, but wed like to stop the average joe from making a copy or throwing it on his hard drive to share.

Anyone have any advice? If things work out Id be happy to give anyone who helps me copies of the product, its worth about 300 dollars and is a great product that could benefit any male.


Short answer. If its a video DVD then you cant protect it yourself. Even if you bought a contract with Macrovision for the commercial grade protection it could be beaten with no problems by even the most inexperianced user.

Ooooh pleeeease, surely you jest!
Ever try a google search?
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No. :disagree:


What kind of data will the DVD hold ?