DVD Rental in UK


Does anybody know of any Online DVD Rentals in the UK. I have looked at-
-MSN DVD Rental
-Screen select
-Love film
-Mailbox movies


Two words…
Google it!

Not sure what you’re question is exactly but I recently signed up with ScreenSelect and am quite pleased so far. The DVDs are mostly retail versions not the rental ones without the special features and you can rent the bonus discs alongside the main feature one (although it still counts as two seperate discs). I also believe they have the largest selection out of their competitors.

go to http://www.dvdtrials.co.uk/ and click on DVD rental complete list & you will see a large list of online rental sites :slight_smile:

http://www.webflix.co.uk/ is one I use myself and have never had any problems with them, but I’ve never looked elsewhere so can’t offer any advice on deals.

Try Sainsbury’s. They do a month free trial:)