DVD render/burn problem, Pinnacle software

I am looking for the appropriate forum here or elsewhere to get help with Pinnacle Studio Plus v.10.7/8 software. Initial problem was video out of synch on an assembly of home dv clips under v.10.7. Following the ‘tech support’ requests to uninstall, reinstall, update to v.10.8, delete registry entries and try again, reinstall video card driver the problems are (1) some projects will not render at all; program stalls. (2) If files are rendered to disc, copy to DVD from rendered fileset using Studio is not readable even on the drive where written. Support does not seem to have any ideas which parts of the reinstall may have caused the new problems. Ideas or direction to another site for assistance welcome.

Look for posts or related info a www.videohelp.com

Thanks. That helps some, though mostly there are complaints on older versions without solutions posted. Some alternatives evaluated - might be the ultimate solution.

I’ve been an avid reader of this forum, and videohelp.com. I have seen plenty of negative comments on Pinnacle software. Do you have an Intel chipset, or VIA? Are you following the software recommendations of having your software on one HD, and your Video file on a second HD?

Working with video can be very problematic, if you don’t have things set up correctly. You didn’t mention the source of your video you are working with…
Did you capture it from VHS, transfer it from a video camera, download it???

Intel - on a Dell Dimension 8300. I’ve tried both with software and files on the system drive and moving the files to another drive - earlier versions of Pinnacle had trouble recognizing a second drive and their recommendation at that time was to put everything together. (Yeah, didn’t make sense to me either.) Test videos currently in use are the photoshoot.mpg from Pinnacle, experience.mpg from Dell, and video clips transfered from a video camera (DV from two different cameras). The latter is the ‘real’ project I’m trying to fix. I also have some VHS, but have not been using those transfers for these projects/tests.

So you are trying to edit MPG video???
If so, you have to have software capable of MPEG editing. I don’t believe that pinnacle does that. Or, you can demux the mpeg video, into avi, and then edit.
Are you plans to work with a lot of mpeg video, or will you be working mostly with avi or dv-avi files?

I’m a newbie
but acting on advise i turned off any DVD
cured a lot of problems for me

Not sure what you mean by ‘turn off any DVD’? I wish I’d read the bad reviews of Pinnacle before I started, but now have projects to get done if I can before I look for new software.
Pinnacle support has had me throught the uninstall/install, delete registry entries several times. Current status is that I can seem to build (render) video that has sound in synch now with Studio Plus version 10.8 but DVDs cut under this version are not even recognized in the drive where they were burned. (Usually an ‘invalid format’ message but sometimes not even that.) I can take the fileset and burn to a DVD using the same drive and FinalBurner and read those on any of 4 DVD players I have here.
Interesting to note that Studio Plus V.10.7 could cut good DVDs on the same burner, but it messed up the menus.
I’m getting nowhere with support. They just want me to wipe the machine and reinstall just Pinnacle. It seems to be more a stall than a solution as they can’t point to a specific thing that would cause the problems.
Ideas anyone?

If you are able to edit and render with Pinnacle, then I’m not sure that you have a software problem. After you render the file, try burning with IMGBURN, and see if it works okay. What brand of media are you using… That could well be part of the problem. I suggest you only use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden

I’ve used Memorex, Verbatim, and Magnavox DVDs as well as some “no-name” products. Before the update to v.10.8 DVDs cut on any of these brands with Pinnacle (v.10.7) were readable, but following the update anything produced using Pinnacle is not. I can burn the files to any of these brands using FinalBurner and they work. It’s my current workaround. I haven’t used IMGBURN.