DVD Remake Pro Advanced Editing Guidance Required



hi all

having had time to play round with dvdremake pro I’m starting to become more familiar with all of its capabilities

using its delete VTS function I have been able to remove the 6 title sets that contained all of the garbage that I wanted to get rid off

I have also removed one or 2 other extraneous tracks from within the 2 title sets that contained the contents I wanted to keep

now as you would expect at this point several items have been flagged in red indicating structural errors and I’m a little unsure how to fix these errors as I cant find a walkthrough guide that explains what I’m supposed to do now

so I was wondering someone that knows what there doing be good enough to walk me through the required steps to correct the errors so that the everything will work correctly when exported and burned to disk

if you need to see screen shots that’s not a problem just let me know what you need to see


ok, you want to go through with this, huh. Be warn, embrace yourself through the heavy editing. It’ll be hard to figure out as you remove a bunch of stuff at once. Normally, the best strategy is to remove one or more related items at a time, then fix it right away because VTS and PGC will be renumbered when you delete and it will be hard to keep track the original state.

I’m afraid screenshots alone will not help, I need the original and edited files as well. Here’s what you do:

  1. Take 2 screenshots of the original and edited version in DRMP, showing all VTS. Resize the window so the picture is not too big. For the edited version, show all the red items.
  2. For the original, use MenuShrink to shrink all menus, hide transitions, and uncheck “Keep Audio”. Zip only the IFOs and menu vob (that has the menus) using 7-zip.
  3. For the edited version in DRMP, do the normal export. Then use MenuShrink to shrink menus without audio. Zip the IFOs and menu vob.
  4. Upload the original and edited version somewhere, like savefile.com.
  5. Provide a brief description (warnings, logos, previews) of the VTS that you have removed, and which 2 tracks you have removed in which 2 VTS.

In the meantime, I have to go somewhere, be back later. And it looks like haveacigar is helping you out, and I have confidence in him to help you fix it.