Dvd remake menu

would someone who has knowledge of dvd remake pro menu changes please email me at bombsox@comcast.net

i took an MPEG file and convert it to a dvd file so it has a video_ts folder with the vob files.

so import the dvd into dvdrmp and i edited my bitmap file that i want as my background menu. then converted it to a vob with muxman. then imported it to dvdrmp. then i merged the two. so i tried to then copy the pgc to menus that did not have one and it worked but when i export the test it is blank. and the export test error says cant write vts_1. am i know i am close to making this work just need some help.

I assume that you have a Video_TS folder with your movies and all the menus. You are trying to change one menu with edited one.
Than export frame as stationary (bmp file), do edit, convert your edited bmp file to .vob.
Open your DRMP Pgc where your unedited background is and do import.
New window will open, Import- find your edited .vob - Load.
New picture wil replace the old one.
If it is a motion menu, than you will have to create new menu with button highlights and all. That is a little more work as you need some kind of DVD authoring software.

i have no menu in the video. this is what i am trying to add. i found a picture that i wanted to use as my menu background and then saved it as a vob with muxman. the bitmap is 24 bit and is 720x480. so what i did was i imported the movie and then imported the bitmap that i made as a vob and then merged the 2 and when do an export test the menu dont come up. i get an error. Export test dvd…
Reference to title in VTS 256 while only 1 title sets are available. (888:VMG.cpp)
VMG: Can’t write table of titles
Can’t write VMG.

that is the error i get when i do an export test.

If you are creating new menu you will have to create it in some kind of DVD authoring software with all the buttons and highlights.
I do not use Muxman so cannot help you with that one, but once you have new , fake DVD with your menu, load that in DRMP new project window(next to your original DVD), open it there, find PGC with your edited menu and copy and paste into a new PGC you created in menu domain of your original DVD.
Than you have to redo commands to accommodate your new menu and buttons.

Have you authored buttons? You can try the stock menus that DVDRMP has or even Titlewriter (free) for menu making.

You should follow the guides on the DVDRMP site.


You’re not doing something right. How do you do the merge? Since you have no menu to begin with, converting the bitmap with MuxMan is not enough. You need at least the subpicture highlight and buttons created. The easiest way is to use an authoring software to create your menu with buttons and highlights. Then import into DVDRMP and add the movie in (there are several ways of doing it), and finally repoint the button navigation to the movie.

what version of DVDRMP are you using, btw?

[B]bombsox[/B] I was thinking about your two threads. If you are trying to author DVD from scratch I think you are using wrong application.
You should use authoring software instead.
Check this site for options:


Most of them will let you import your own background picture as .bmp and do all the buttons, chapters an chapter menus with proper connections to navigate DVD.

To make a menu from scratch (if you dn’t like DVDRMP’s stock), use DVD Styler or Titlewriter.