DVD remake highlighting menu selection HELP!

Hi, many of you have already heard my problem. I was trying to edit the text in a motion dvd menu and I used dvd remake pro version 3.4 to create a still image menu instead. After completing this, I tried to play the newly exported dvd on my computer and it worked fine, I was able to click the part I wanted to watch and my new edit text on the menu was there too. Now when I tried to play the dvd on my home dvd player, I was unable to select the part I wanted to watch because I wasnt able to move the dvd cursor to highlight what part I wanted to watch. As seen in this picture, this is my menu and you highlight the part you want to watch with your cursor. It worked on my computer dvd player but not on my home dvd player. SO can you guys please help me out so I will be able to play the movie on my home dvd player and highlight/select the part of the dvd I want to watch.

Also just to add in, I tried to play the orginal dvd (the one that wasnt edited with my new text) on my home dvd player and I was able to highlight/select the episode I want. It was only after I edited the menu with dvdremake that I couldnt highlight/select the part I wanted, basically making the dvd unwatchable. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

whats the point in crossposting, and crossing out the e-mail of something you have already posted?


@gschept180: you have posted this question and other similar problems in the appropriate DvdReMake and other specific forums, and received a lot of good advice. This makes cross-posting here in the Newbie forum completely pointless. Looking back, in this thread six days ago you were politely advised by other forum members not to cross-post.

Please be more patient with the specific forum members who are trying to help you. I’m afraid that if continue to break the rules and cross-post, we will consider withdrawing your forum access; simple as that :cop:.

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