DVD releases Month of August 2008



this sorta relates to the Hollywood running out of ideas thread.

and the last movie you watched

normally there are at least 2 or 3 [sometimes more] dvd releases each week that i am looking forward to either viewing or buying. but this month just seems slow. so far the only movies ive gotten this month are releases from last month [or older] that ive previously passed on. :bigsmile: looks like the only two im for sure getting are Street Kings with Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker which doesnt come out until August 19th and What Happens in Vegas doesnt come out until August 26th with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher.

what the fOck?


so everyone else thinks that this months releases are good or bad?

if you like something or are looking forward to something let me know because at present i am not interested. :slight_smile:


Not all movie’s but i have these on pre-order that come out this month…

Black Lagoon Vol.1 LE
Black Lagoon Vol.2 LE
Black Lagoon Vol.3 LE
Black Lagoon Second Barrage Vol.1 LE
Afro Samurai (re-release, lower price)

I might also get “Origin Spirits Of The Past (hmv exclusive) (R2)” This month as well.

An then…


Vexille (R2)
Hellsing Ultimate Vol.1 LE (R1)
Hellsing Ultimate Vol.4 LE (R1)


The Incredible Hulk (play exclusive steelbook) (R2)
Iron Man Special Collector’s Edition (play exclusive steelbook) (R2)