Dvd regions



How can I change regions with a DVD Hitachi and the drivers ATI.
Where can I found “logiciel” ?
Thank you


search for powerdvd and then you can play all regions, I can!!!


use DVD Genie
download here http://www.tweakfiles.com/cgi-bin/dl-ftp.cgi?ftp.cdrom.com/pub/3dfiles/tweakfiles/drives/dvdgn340.zip

or here power DVD 2.55

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it isn’t play with DVd genie how do you do ? and I don’t find POwer DVD in the link.


You need a free account
You will get it here http://www.freediskspace.com
Sign up and use referrer ID#: U000CAA4B


Thaks you for the software POwer Dvd but there is a problem, we can change only 5 times of regions and after it lock.
DVD genie don’t play with my DVD.
Have you got ideas to unjam Power dvd ?


DVD Genie v3.40 works fine with powerDVD
start DVD Genie click on tab from power dvd
click on the region you want click apply than Run