Dvd region

hello…cdfreak virgin here…so b nice. Anyway i have an acer extensa 2302lm laptop with compal tsd80y1 dvdrw hardware. i have recently been buying rare new dvds overseas and now i cannot change the dvd region again. i have been into device manager>dvdcd drives>properties>dvd region and it basically says i cannot change region anymore and stiff. i can rant on about how i should b able to play what i want, whenever i want, but apparently i cant…swear, curse, and various other very rude words…!!!
Please, please help… :confused: :bow: :flower:


In dvd players, software or hardware, you can change the region for a maximum of 5 times. Usually the manufacturer changed the region to the location where the device will be sold, leaving you, the customer, 4 changes. This is called the RPC2 strategy. It is mandatory by several laws or contracts.

Luckily, there are a lot of hacks (firmware patches) that reset these changes or make the hardware region-free. This is called RPC1 strategy. Unfortunately, there usually are no firmware updates for notebook dvd players. Rumor has it that notebooks dvd players have extra protection in the form of chips or something.

But then there’s still software! There is software to make your movie region free (DVDShrink, RipIt4Me, etc), but there is also software that will help you to enable any region protected dvd movie such as AnyDVD.

Long story eh? Short story: Try AnyDVD.

But remember that your dvd player will always be locked in that particular region for ever.

Thanks for replying so quickly. I do have dvd shrink etc. I travel abit and my son watches dvds on the laptop. Im suck one region 1 but live in region 4. Do I have to get another dvd player/burner or can i burn my new dvds then use the burnt copy in laptop without worrying about region?

If you use DVD Shrink on your movies, make the new data region free and write new dvd’s then you don’t have to worry about regions no more.

You will still not be able to feed the dvd player original dvd movies from another region though. Anydvd will enable this again by decoding all the copy protections on the fly.

cool. tah! :wink: