Dvd Region

I just bought a Sony DRX-830U and it will not read read or write any dvd’s or cd’s. I tried to select the Region for the dvd burner, but it won’t let me. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

Presumably you’re doing this through the Device Manager. Selecting DVD/CD-ROM drives & then getting up the properties of the Sony.

What actually happens then?

Edit: I’m moving this to the Optical Drives forum.

Then get a replacement drive from the seller first.

I am doing this through the device manager. When I select the region, it states " unable to select region, may need administrator privileges. I am the administrator on my computer. May it be a faulty drive?

If your using AnyDVD you will have to disable it first.

I am using ripit4me with dvd shrink. So I have to disable the region on the drive? Right now there is no region selected for the drive. Ever since I put the Departed in the drive to make a backup it stop recognizing any media and it won’t let me select a region.

It doesn’t recognize media in dvd shrink. It doesn’t recognize media in the drive at all


then the drive is probably damaged. This can happen. Can you try the drive at another computer just to sort out system issues? If the drive fails there, too, then return to vendor - as already suggested by chef


I’ll try the drive on another computer. If the same thing happens I will take it back. Thanks