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I was playing about in dvd settings and found a part that said “dvd region 2” apparently you are only able to change this 4 times ever so i decided to leave it alone. Anyway my question is does this mean that i am only able to watch pal dvds on my computer? and also does anydvd bypass this so that i would be able to watch ntsc dvds anyway?

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AnyDVD takes care of this for you.


That’s the beauty of AnyDvD, use it and never have to worry about the amount of times that you are allow to set your region codes.

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Don’t confuse PAL and NTSC with DVD region coding. In practice, most (EDIT: all?) Region 1 DVD’s will be NTSC and most Region 2 DVD’s will be PAL, but one doesn’t determine the other.

Of course, when you backup your precious originals, you get to make them region-free. :slight_smile:


Yay thats great :slight_smile: does that mean that if i burn ntsc dvds region free i will be able to watch them on my pal dvd player?, and would i also be able to watch the same dvd on a ntsc player? (i dont have one, or plan on buying one, just curious)


if your dvd player is compatible with that (99% of the european pal dvd players convert ntsc to pal format), yes.


as everyone has already said region and format are separate constraints put on your player and disc. if the two don’t match you’re likely to have problems.

a region free disc only solves half the problem…it will play in a palyer regardless of region. you still have not solved the problem of format. Most NTSC players over here in the US actually will NOT play PAL discs regardless of region. You’d have to buy a multi-FORMAT player.

as I’ve discovered on this board, many PAL players DO play NTSC discs across the pond and there’s no need to buy extra hardware.

you’ll have to check to see if your player supports both formats.


Even an old TV can deny showing PAL output then…