DVD region remover?

hello evrybody!

i have a simple question…

i want to rip and burn a dvd that was purchased in australia so it can play on an american dvd player… what software do i use for this? the problem i am having is getting rid of the regon code.

i know most american dvd players dont play PAL material, so if australia uses PAL then i have to convert everything to NTSC and build my own dvd?

It might be easiest to find a dvd player that can handle both NTSC and PAL video and hack it to be region free. You can find a list of such players over at videohelp.com Who knows, your current dvd player may be one that can do this. Finding a player with those capabilities would be the best solution if you are doing this quite often. For just one dvd, you may not want to invest in another player.

It is easy enough to get rid of the region coding…you just rip to the hard drive with DVDFab HD Decrypter and it should be gone. http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

Converting PAL to NTSC is not so simple. ConvertXtoDVD claims to be able to do this, but the trial will leave a watermark in your video. Here are the instructions on how to do this with ConvertXtoDVD.

The only free software that I know of that might be able to do this type of conversion is FAVC, but I haven’t seen a guide for this specific type of conversion using this program. http://favcfavc.googlepages.com/
I would use the HC encoder if you try to do this, rather than Quenc. Both come with the program. You’ll need Net 2.0 and Avisynth to run FAVC, but there are links to download both at the FAVC site.

yes, nero 7 and 8 with nerovision 5 and 6 will convert any PAL to NTSC and vise versa. so are australian DVD’s PAL or are they NTSC? i just want to do this for this one disk.

i guess i have to rip the DVD into AVI files and then create my own disk using nero. kind of a pain since i have to create all the chapters and stuff, but i guess it has to be done.

Australian dvds will be in PAL format.

You do not have to convert to AVI, in fact that is an extra step which will degrade the quality a bit more. Nero Vision will accept .vob files as input once you have decrypted the dvd and have it on the hard drive.

But good luck to you getting Nero to do this correctly. Nero Vision has a less than sterling reputation on relatively simple things like mpeg to dvd conversion. PAL to NTSC should be interesting.

ah, well i guess the problem i had was not removing the region code, but it was because i was burning PAL disks and trying to play them in NTSC DVD players. for some reason i thought australia would be in NTSC and not PAL.

nero vision 6 works just fine, i am well aware of the loss of quality by the method i am using but reaguardless of what im doing there is going to be atleast 1 loss of quality in the conversion from PAL to NTSC which is somthing that has to be done no matter what i do. the exact way im doing it is, im usuing dvdfag platinum to rip AVI from the dvd (first loss of quality) and then im going to take the AVI files and use them wth nero showtime 6 and build my own custom DVD with them. during the transcode is where the second loss of quaity will occur. i dont mind thoe, im using dvdr-9 per disk and the encoding/transcoding methods in both dvd fab and nerovision are just fine. so it all should work and look fine. i guess the only real question i had was if austrailia used PAL or NTSC and you did answer my question promptly.

also, the DVD box says its PAL on the back of it. i never botherd to look before but i did find out it was PAL. thanx for your help thoe.

anydvd will do the job without timespending rip and copy !:wink:

[QUOTE=arturo1;2492122]anydvd will do the job without timespending rip and copy !;)[/QUOTE] :disagree: think you made a mistake as this came from the AnyDVD Forum itself However, Anydvd does not convert PAL to NTSC video format. And it’s quite possible that your standalone dvd player doesn’t play the PAL video format (much less your television). Your computer should though. Your computer should play PAL dvds perfectly fine with Anydvd running in the background.

I haven’t used it yet but I believe DVD Flick can change the pal to ntsc and it’s free also :slight_smile: