Dvd region problems

hi, i have burned a dvd movie with my own menu’s and captured videos by using nero vison express 2. i played it on my ntsc dvd player and it does not bootup at all… i must of burned da cd on pal. anywayz what i did 2 try 2 resolve this (seeing has i lost all video clips for this dvd) by using dvd shrink 2 backup the dvd i just made, into a multi regional dvd, but still no luck it dont work!! it works on my pc and on my ps2 but not on a normal ntsc dvd player??? is there a software dat checks a dvd’s region compatibility? is there another way besides dvd shrink to make this dvd work on a ntsc … doesnt muti regional mean it can work on any machine!!

depends on your player… Could be region, could the video/audio formats used. Your ntsc player might not like pal resolutions. If its just a case of region coding (cant remember off hand what shrink can do with regions) try ifoedit , load video_ts.ifo and hit region free, save… just make sure afterwards and b4 burning, to open ANY ifo from the compilation in ifoedit and hit GET VTS SECTORS, answering yes to all.
More information needed on your player and the formats used for the dvd

i have a philipps stereo system fitted in with a dvd player, the stereo system i got was from the philippines which uses ntsc. i am planning on sending dvd videos i made to the philippines, i use my philipps dvd player to test my dvd’s the resolution of the video clips r infact ntsc… but stil wont operate on my dvd :frowning: