DVD Region Killer and AnyDvd



Hi, I have flashed my DVR drive to RPC1, I have been using DVD Region Killer 2.7 for a long time. I recently downloaded a trial of AnyDvd by slysoft. During the installation it wanted to get rid of my beloved Region Killer, I told it not to. Now I have noticed that the lovely blue globe symbol of Region Killer has turned an awful blood red colour, and the option to enable Region Killer cannot be selected? I am wondering if Region Killer is still actually running even though the globe is red? I uninstalled AnyDvd and rebooted my computer but the the globe of Region Killer stays red???


@ Mark0741,

If you have the AnyDVD software program installed there is absolutely no reason to have DVD Region Killer 2.7 installed. Having the two software program installed at the same time will result in conflicts errors and not allow the AnyDVD software program to function correctly. To have a smoothly running system strongly suggest to completely removing the DVD Region Killer 2.7 software program and only have the AnyDVD software program installed. The AnyDVD software program will do everything that the DVD Region Killer software program will do plus many other things. Suggest viewing the below Web Link and read about all the various things that the AnyDVD software program does.


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Hey thanks for the reply…

I’ve decided to stick with DVD Region Killer as it freeware and not a trial version like AnyDvd. I removed both the programs (AnyDvd and Region Killer) but when I try to reinstall region killer the icon next to the clock in the bottom right of my screen is still red?? I’m not sure if it is fuctioning correctly when in this state. The option to enable region killer is not available :confused: