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I would like a software that can burn all region or ZONE free DVDs. For my relatives around the World so when they received and insert the DVD format in (NTSC) North American VIDEO their standalone Player encoded with Different regions so they can watch the family VIDEO on their TV whether ( NTSC - PAL - or SECAM) is this the right burning Software? As of now I’m using ULEAD WORKSHOP 2 an old software on WINDOWS 32bit it is slow but it burn all 7 (SEVEN) Region DVD and it never failed ones I mean NEVER. Thank you Gnagna


Discs you create generally work with all regions…

BUT you cannot mix NTSC and PAL on one disc. (SECAM isn’t used for DVDs.)

For a standard DVD to use in a standalone DVD player, choosing one of those formats requires the video on the disc to be created specifically for that format, with no mixing. So a DVD player requiring NTSC video cannot have PAL video on the same disc, and a DVD player requiring PAL video cannot have NTSC on the same disc. Some DVD players can handle both, but most probably cannot.


I apologize ifmy question wasn’t clear??? let me try again. You are perfectly right the DVDs
can only be burned in NTSC or PAL Format. On the other hand there is a REGION
CODE RESTRICTION from 1 (one) to 7 ( Seven ) that the disc or DVDs on a
standalone Player can only PLAY. Discs
with that REGION 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 . or REGION ( - 0 - zero  neutral ). Therefore if the DVDs could be
BURNED in REGIONÂ - Â (0 - ZERO neutral ), or (all 7 zone checked )
that DVD could be play anywhere in the World on any Standalone Player whether
the DVDs is NTSC or PAL formatted. I understand if the DVD is created with one
of those zones let just say (1 ) that DVD can only be played on a standalone
Player with ZONE ( 1 ) or if the DVD PLAYER is (HACKED to  ( zoneÂ
0 zero ). Therefore my relatives around the World ( Europe - Australia - Africa - S. America or N. America) they buy a player from a store with thatcountry REGION mandatory code and they are unable to HACKED, I must provide
them with a DVD with a ( REGION 0 zero neutral ) whether the DVD is NTSC or PAL
created.As of now I canBURN a DVD in zone (0 zero ) with an old software Named ( ULEAD DVD WORKSHOP 2
) Advancing the Art of DVD Authoring. Since this software works only with
Windows 32Bit operating system it is very slow and I have to transfer the
Videos Files from a PC with Windows 7 64bit to the a PC Windows XP 32bit to
CREATE the first DVD, thereafter ones the DVD in neutralize I could insert the
DVD back to the PC with Windows 7 64bit PC, to create multiple copy. So my
question is? is there any BURNING software that can do this with WINDOWS 64bit
operating system? without going back and forth between the TWO ( 2 PC ).  Thanks GnagnaÂ


Google " Region Free" software.:wink:


I’ve never heard of any burning or authoring software doing that.
DVD uses a “hard” region coding that’s not really part of the video content or authoring output.
The only possible way to get a region locked discs might be from a set top recorder, but I doubt even that.

The Ulead DVD authoring software was always pretty bad in a number of ways. Virtually ANY current DVD authoring software will do what the OP wants.


Burned DVDs don’t have regions or CSS.

For better results in NTSC (60Hz) countries, encode to one of the NTSC frame sizes and rate.

Some equipment has support for non-native scan rates over RGB SCART.


[QUOTE=Matth;2761812]Burned DVDs don’t have regions or CSS.

For better results in NTSC (60Hz) countries, encode to one of the NTSC frame sizes and rate.

Some equipment has support for non-native scan rates over RGB SCART.[/QUOTE]
Not if you turn off that feature the burned copy will have those on them. You can’t redo a movie to what you want - you can convert it to another format but I doubt you can encode it. That would be done at the initial stage when it was created but the Studios or a Firm that does the encoding process to make the DVD movie.


In general you can’t set the region coding from the burning software unless you’re using a combined authoring package such as ULEAD DVD Workshop. Region coding is contained in the DVD IFO files which normal burning software will just burn, like any other file, and ignore the content of the files.

If the DVD files are on your hard drive then you can set whatever region you want using PgcEdit prior to burning the files with the burning software of your choice. Setting the region takes only few seconds as you’re not re-encoding any video.


As far as burning software goes I’d recommend ImgBurn which is both free and exceptionally good.


BTW there actually nine regions including Region 0.

Region 7 is reserved and up until now has only been used for DVD screeners, of the type sent to critics and reviewers etc.

Region 8 is for aircraft, cruise ships, and other types of international passenger transport.