DVD Region Free Viewing

Hi to all, pardon me if this is not the right thread or forum to post this question, this is my first anyway. :o .
I have an ACER aspire loptop and sorry if i dont know the brand of the DVDROm that comes with it and my problem is that i got stock with DVD Region 1 settings. To cut it short, i cant view DVD movies with region 2. Im currently leaving in a region 2 country so most of our stuff here is Region 2 DVDs.
I tried using Slysoft anyDVd software but it didnt work.
Most of the thread here discuss about copying DVDs, does anyone know a software (that works) that can view any DVD?

Try vlc tool and dvd43, your only chances, becuase most likely you have a matshita oem drive and it is locked now - forever!

yah your right, i think its a matshita cdrom. :confused:
anyway i give it a shot with the software that you have just given.

you could also replace it with a drive you can get hacked firmwares for it

I dont have that bucks yet to buy myself a new one. I was completely have no idea that my drive was locked to region 1.
Hi there Chef, i gave your 2 software a try unfortunately it didnt work. :confused: :sad:

Check the settings in your Anydvd…
I´m also in region 2, with a locked drive. I can watch movies from any region now without problems.

That’s bad.

Matshita drives are also bad. :frowning:

I tried every software that was post here, not only on this thread but the whole forum but it didnt work for me.
What id you do [B]deanimator[/B]? i play around the settings with anydvd but no luck. Can you show me any possible settings that needs to be adjusted or change?
It really pisses me off about this region thing idea. what it is for anyway? :a

RPC-2 explained: http://www.afterdawn.com/glossary/terms/rpc-2.cfm

Matshita drives are different, they defeat almost any software that tries to overcome the rpc-2 limitations.

So what should i do now??? :sad:
It happens only with matshita drive??? thats very bad of them, Acer should have a second thought about this drive.
please maybe someone outhere have some other ideas to crack this drive.

What do you think is the best drive anyway?
Thanks for all your help.

You can crack this drive by using a hammer…

Thats a nice idea! have you tried yours???

LOL, I have no matSHITa drive.


That why its called mat[B]SHIT[/B]a. :clap: :clap: :clap: