Dvd region free unlock code on vista

not sure if this is the right place or not…but am running windows vista on an hp pavillion dv6000. think its a tsstcorp ts-632d cd/dvd. i have 1 more ability to swap zone regions before i am stuck in that region. is there any way to unlock this feature? thanks alot,

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No. There isn’t. And there is no hope there will be some region free firmware in future.

I don’t know if this would help, but woth trying: Use only VLC media player for watching your videos. Also use an user account, that has restricted permissions for this.

Another option:
There are some software tools available (DVD region free or something like that), but I don’t know if these are working with Vista.

Further option:
Get an external Liteon drive. These can be set region free using just some piece of software (Kprobe or LTNrpc).


thanks for that.

Vista doesn’t like region-free firmware in drives it’s playing DVD’s from & usually blocks this.

Clarification: Liteon drives can disable region checking, while still reporting to be RPC2 compliant (aka region locked).


This is interesting. Can you provide further details?


Mh, maybe a typing error?

Never heard of such behaviour before…


Me neither. That’s why asked.
DVD Genie from Inmatrix is a software solution that behaves in a similar way.



Region Free i[/i][ol]
[li]LtnRPC - Removes region restrictions from your drive[/li][/ol]If you want to do it the hard way, you can also just leave the region checking on & reset the counter, but why, when you can just disable the region locking altogether?

RPC1 firmwares means that the software (windows) will lock you to a region after 5 times.
RPC2 firmware means that the hardware will lock you to a region after 5 times.
RPC2 firmware (liteon only) with region disabled means neither software nor hardware will lock to a region.

doesn’t work dude thats why I couldn’t watch dvd’s

Please clarify … the utility doesn’t work in vista?
Or the region-free RPC2 doesn’t work in vista?

the utility works just fine makes the drive region free no probs.
Vista detects the firmware and won’t play DVD’s, I just tried it again to be sure and as soon as I used LtnRPC I had no more dvd playback
I should also say that DVD playback is fine from powerdvd with the region code disabled by LtnRPC

If you have problems, then get VLC Media Player on VideoLan.org. It does not enforce region protection.