DVD Region free software



I’m currently using Elby DVD Region Killer to watch my DVD movies without having to set the region code on PowerDVD. But the program includes the Elby tray and needs to restart the computer in order to work properly. There’s also DVDIdle, but it’s not free.
There another free software doing the same as DVD Region Killer ?


Yes, DVD Genie.


Thank you very much Stoner :bow:


Is dvd genie still being developed? i found it stopped working with WinDVD etc a long time ago, hence I purchased DVD Idle Pro that works with WinDVD Platinum, its the only one that I finds works.


Don’t know what WinDVD’s problem is, but PowerDVD XP works w/ both DVD Genie and Elby RegionKiller. PowerDVD XP is free w/ purchase of Lite-On DVD-ROM retail or OEM from newegg.com. DVD Genie and RegionKiller* are also free

*CloneCD is required to be installed before RegionKiller installation.


Yes, indeed, I have a LTR163D (or JLMS XJ-HD163D as its known now) and that has PowerDVD 4.0 XP included, but it tended to crap out every now and again, so I bought WinDVD Platinum, which tends to play things a bit better, and its not crashed on me yet. The only problem seems to be Region reset tools, hence the purchase of DVDIdle Pro, the 163D is already region free with the GHR8 firmware (Thanks Digitri :))