DVD Region Free - Software required

Just got a DVD Rom Drive. Want to play DVD’s from various regions. Drive happens to be region protected. Could someone guide me to some free software that will overcome this check.

Thanks in advance.

The two I use are :

DVD43free (freeware)

ands Slysoft’s AnyDVD (commercial)


Both software can now handle ArcoSS DVD’s (Resident Evil 2, Littlr Black Book etc). AnyDVD is a bit better at it but costs money.

Both these will allow me to use other region discs in my region 2 locked drive. They also allows “decrypting on the fly” which is very useful.

flash your firmware to a Dangerous Bros region free version:

even if you were to flash to a region-free firmware, the dvd playback programs themselves typically require a region to be set internally if the dvd drive is region free. to get around that, you’d need a software solution, and nwg mentioned a couple.

he didn’t mention what dvd-rom drive he had, so his drive might not be listed on that page specifically. www.rpc1.org might have a region-free firmware if it’s not listed on TDB’s page.

thanks for elaborating AZImmortal.

Another vote for AnyDVD. No, it’s not free, but it does what you want. I just received a copy of the Region 2 Italian version of The Incredibles (Gli Incredibli) last week. Had no problems playing it on my HTPC using Media Player Classic.