DVD Region Free Freezes

I mentioned this in the newbie forum, but got no real response. I’m running the latest version of DVD Region+css free on a Fujitsu computer with Windows XP SP2 (Japanese language version), using a Matshita DVD Ram sw-9581 drive. Whenever I try to play any out-of-region DVDs, my player will freeze at the movie. There are no error messages and no prompts to change the drive region, just nothing. This doesn’t happen with proper region discs. What could be the problem?

email fengtao@dvdidle.com.

It is best to post problems with Fab products here as this is where fengtao checks.


Thanks for that. I just thought I’d try the forum first.


Matshita DVD RAM is not supported, no program supports them.

My suggestion is: buy a new cheap drive, like Lite-On.

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I thought that may be the case mnemsis. Burners have really came down in price and new ones can be found for anout 60 bucks US.