DVD Region+Free CSS and Media Player Classic

iwe got a problem with dvd region+free css and gabest media player classic.

if i add MPC to the list of programs that dvd reg… shuld hack or what ever it does and start a movie with MPC, MPC crash.

im guessing it’s something with dvd regio… that makes it crash because if i remove mpc from the dvd region… list it dosnt crash anymore.

im also guessing its because dvd regi… dosnt have any official support to / with mpc?


Media Player Classic is already supported for a long time.

Which version of DVD Region+CSS Free and Media Player Classic do you use?

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i use the latests MPC ( ) and latest dvd region.
iwe tried some older MPC’s with no luck, like 1-5 version older.

There a serious problem with WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 10 and DVD REGION FREE

Why Windows crash ? because of DVD43.SYS ? If somebody have same problem… please help me.