DVD Region +CSS Free

ok. here is your basic stupid question. Trying to get DVD Region +CSS Free to work on my laptop. Have they gone out of business? The 3o day trial software worked far longer than the 30 days, but the website always told me the online store was “temporarily not working” or something like that . . . now,finally, the trial version stopped working and I have no way to access the full copy . . . advice? My needs are simple - I just want to be able to watch my DVD’s regardless of whether I bought them in the UK or the US>:sad:

Have you tried DVD43 as an alternative? http://www.videohelp.com/tools/DVD43
Click on the [I]Download from mirror (direct link) [/I]on that page, as the author’s site seems to be extremely slow right now.

I don’t believe it is compatible with 64bit operating systems however.

Edit: A quick search in the DVDFab forum shows that DVD Region +CSS Free is a dead program, and will not be updated.