DVD Region+CSS Free

I am a new user with DVD neXt COPY Ultimate and am wondering what the best choice for background decryption. I currently am running DVD Region+CSS Free in the background. Is it compatible with DVD neXt COPY ?
Thank You

For free The machinist. If buying AnyDVD.

Here is two links and one .dll file and I’ll explain the .dll file after the links.

These two links are just the exe’s meaning you have to install it to have it to work.



Now for the .dll file how to…

  1. Download the zip file and extract the zip to your desktop.

  2. Now you’ll see a file labeled “machinist2.dll”.

  3. Now just copy the .dll and paste it into your DVD neXt COPY Folder and you can now backup decrypted movies.

If you want to just frop the dll file look at this thread - http://club.cdfreaks.com/f144/free-third-party-plugin-download-257390/