DVD Region+CSS Free

hi all, a novice to all this,

could someone please confirm, i was using the trial version of DVD Region + CSS Free software, this has now expired, but have had no help with the content owners about purchasing the product, stating that the shop for the product is not available,

has DVD Fab replaced the process of removing region coding, and copywrite protection from dvd’s that DVD Region + CSS Free carried out.

All i do is back up copies of some my films that the kids get hold of and ruin onto single layer dvd’s, there are no menu’s involved, just the main feature.

Any help would be most appreciated

They don’t seem to keep DVD Region+CSS Free updated any more. Try this instead. It is free and should work fine for what you want it for. If you need more features, then try the Platinum free for 30 days.

DVDFab HD Decrypter Beta:

Ben try DVDFAB Platinum free for 30 days and I am sure that you will want to keep it as it’s truely a simple one click program not like the free stuff where you have to use 3 programs to copy a movie