DVD Region+CSS Free

i was just wondering if there is ever going to be an update to the dvd region+css free because i liked using that software

Hello and welcome AFAIK it is no longer being updated or worked on :frowning: SORRY for the bad news

You can look here to see the free ones

oh ok i still have the dvd fab gold version and i love it so thanks

Will DVD Region+CSS Free be made compatible with Vista? Have loaded it on a Vist box, but it doesn’t start up automatically when dvd programs open.

Post # 2 answers your question.

does anyone know of any other products like dvd region+css free other than dvd43 and any dvd

Afraid not rabb. If you do want an on-the-fly-decrypter don’t use DVD43. It is not developed any more and unstable. Buy AnyDVD instead as it is updated constantly. Other than that, there is no other option.

Fengtao has a free program, called [B]Free DVD[/B] I think that is right. Go to DVDFab.com and go to free stuff.

It’s not on-the-fly bigmacnc.

Free DVD
Free DVD removes several protections from a DVD folder on the hard disk. It removes region code (RC), region code enhancement (RCE), analog copy protection, and user operation prohibitions (UOPs). You can use it to get a free DVD before you burn the DVD folder. It’s only 44K.

The OP actually asked for anything OTHER THAN dvd43 and AnyDVD.

but anydvd will not work with the dvdfab products