DVD REgion & CSS Free

Is ther ever going to be an update to the above product? I ask as it was Oct 06 when the last update was done. If nothing had changed then I wouldn’t be worried but Region 1 DVDs I’ve recently purchased will not play usingthe current version :sad:

Great product.


Good Luck, you won’t even get a response from Fengtao on this subject.
I have heard every exscuse from it takes time to there was an earthquake in Taiwan to Fengtao is being threatend by the big companies to not support it any more.
No we will never know until Fengtao himself comes out and either gives us the updates he promised or tells us the truth as to why he does not support this product anymore.

If you bother to look you will find several post from Fengtao on this subject

Hi Jim
Not worth the trouble :frowning: if you get my drift :smiley:

Hi there Tim yea I know as I think we all went through this with SC before and other people