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I tried DVD Region + CSS Free. I used Nero and dvd region free worked pretty good. My 30 days ran out, I bought a Key, I entered the key, it restarted but it comes up the same, Trial version expired, enter register code. I tried over the last month to contact someone at DVDidle but never recieved a reply. I also went through sveral pages on a forum here at cdfreaks.com. Could anyone tell me how I can activate my DVD Region + Css Free? I have DVDFAB Platinum on my computer also which the free trial will expire soon, but after seeing the customer support DVDidle.com has, I doubt I will buy it. Thanks to any responce I get.


The owner of DVD Region + CSS said that it would be updated in the future but when I don’t know as far as DVDFab Plat is updated just as soon as a change comes out. Perhaps you could visit the DVD FAB forum and then you can get a good feel for the program, :bigsmile:


I think you should first uninstall the tool completely, restart.
Then install the latest trial version and activate it with the key.


Hey! I’m new to this too, but I am having the same problem, but only after I upgraded. I kept having to get the key and now I’m having a problem with failed burn. So that’s when I joined this group to find some help. Otherwise it’s a great product. If you find an answer, let me know


You have to completely delete the trail version reboot and clean install the latest version, inter your S/N reboot again, that might work.


I tried removing it from my computer. re-installing it, and putting in key#, but it still does not work. This guy that sells it has no support. Today I asked for the return of my money, but I doubt if I get any reply from him.


Then sound like you got the program from second hand with either expired Key or deactivated Key.


He should at the very least return my e-mails. I paid for it but all he does is ignore any problems. I bought it before my 30 day trial was over. I have been e-mailing hin for a month now. But all he does is ignore thr problem, he takes the money and runs.


I’m also new to DVD Region Free CSS and after reading all the posts on how unresponsive the owners of the product are, I’m very wary of upgrading to DVDFab. But I do have a question. I’ve been using the free trial of DVD Region Free CSS, and although the product says you have 30 days free, the pop-up screen kept saying that I had like three times that amount! Anyway, it must have finally expired because I am now getting locked out of playing DVD’s from Region Two. (It must have locked down on Region One or something during the free trial period. Although the hype from the makers of this product is that their software doesn’t even touch your lock out features, so why now that it’s expired, do I find that my lock out chances have all been used up? There seems to be something a bit dishonest about the hype they’re putting out.)

Anyway, I uninstalled and then re-installed it, and that let me back in for one more viewing but that was it. I don’t want to keep uninstalling and re-installing, but with all of the negative comments on here about the horrible customer service and lack of responses to emails, something I have also personally experienced, I wonder if it’s worth even messing around with this product again? And finally, am I getting locked out because the free trial expired? The pop-up screen says I have like 48 days left on my free 30 day trial! What gives? (On a positive note though, this product worked really well initially.)


welcome to CDFreaks

But remember they let you use the product for certain time to get to know and work with it to find out whether you like the product or not, your oblgation is to delete the product after expiration date or place an order to buy it. Also you have chance that if you don’t want to pay to buy the product then get those who are free and use them to your needs.


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The pop-up screen says I have like 48 days left on my free 30 day trial! What gives?

 The product trial period is 30 days. If you like the product buy it, if not delete it. Its as easy as that.


I did delete it and am now trying out AnyDVD. So far, so good, but they also have a trial period before one has to buy their product. Is there one out there that is really free?


You may want to check with your ISP they may be blocking the replies from DVDidle and/or DVDFab thinking it is spam if you are using a spam filter it to may be blocking the replies and if you are not that does not mean your ISP is not most ISP do use spam filters which you have no control over