DVD Region+CSS Free

i just downloaded the latest dvd region+css free but somehow i cant seem to play dvds. my laptop is set to region 3 and i tried to play a region 4 dvd. it managed to play for only 1 out of the 5 dvds i tried. for the others nothing showed up on screen, or the dvd kept skipping. what should i do?

i tried using dvd shrink as well, but it doesnt seem to work for dvd shrink although i made sure that dvdshrink was included in the programs support list. is there something wrong with my laptop configuation?

help would be appreciated. thanks!

What’s the DVD drive model? If it’s Matshita DVD-RAM drive, you cannot make it region-free with software, you must flash rpc1 firmware which you can get at http://www.rpc1.org