DVD Region+CSS Free

PLEASE HELP!!! I can not burn any DVD’s with Dvd region+CSS fee and Dvd Shrink! When it brings it down to prepare to burn it is all choppy and/or is a green screen. What am i doing wrong?

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DVD Shrink have a poor support for burning apps. The best thing is to save dvd shrink output as ISO file on HDD and then burn the ISO with imgburn.

i am so dumb with this! how do i do that?

I also have nero. would that work?

After pressing the “Backup” button in shrink, select ISO as output, then select a folder on your HDD.

Then download and install imgburn and finally use it to burn the ISO on a disc.

Yes, you can also use nero to burn the ISO.

Stupid again:) Where do i get imgburn?

try here or here :bigsmile:

Saving this as an iso will not make any difference as to burning in file mode if you save in file mode virtually any burning software can burn a dvd your problem is somewhere else what disc are you trying to backup

Several: Failure to Launch, Ocean’s Eleven, Star Wars 2…

Maybe the problem is not due to the software, but to the media: what blank discs are you using for your burnings? What burner/firmware do you have? At what speed are you trying to burn?

You can retrieve mediacode using dvd identifier

I am using Teon DVD+R 8x
my burner is BENQ DVD DD DW1620

I suggest you to buy better quality media. Try verbatim (NOT the “pearl white” series).

i have been able to burn a lot of dvd with dvd shrink. then i came to Failure to launch and my uncle sent me DVD Region+CSS and said this would burn all of the dvd’s. Ever since i have put this on my computer i have only been able to burn one move! All of the others have a green screen or are all choppy. Although a couple of times it had started to burn and froze on me half we thru the burn. Then went back to green screen or all choppy. It is just not analyzing the movies right