DVD Region + CSS Free won't work with B's Recorder Gold 9

I’ve tried to backup a DVD with B’s Recorder Gold 9 and DVD Region + CSS Free but “This DVD can not be copied or ripped because it is copyright protected” message always appears.

Please help.

add it into your program list in regionfree

Thanks, but it doesn’t work.

I’ve tried DVD Region Free+CSS Free with Intervideo dvdcopy 5 and it worked.

Hi serador,

Could you please give me a download link? So that I can check it.

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The download link is http://www.bhacorp.com/download/index.html but there is no trial versions.

Because English version of B’s Recorder Gold 9 is not out yet, it’s only in Japanese version, I’ve also tested DVD Region Free+CSS Free with B’s Recorder Gold 8 Basic and it can’t backup DVD that has copy protection either.

Thank you.

B’s Recorder Gold

Here are some links with info on an older version including an article from CDFreaks.







Thanks Mack,

I’ve read this link http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/183/5 that you gave and it says that,

“As you can see, the disc was copy protected and refused to copy. However running AnyDVD soon solved this problem and the copy was under way”.

and I downloaded AnyDVD and it worked with my B’s Recorder Gold 9.