DVD Region + CSS Free not seeing DVD

Hi all,

As a newbie - I apologise if I’m asking stupid questions here.

I have DVD Region & CSS Free and an using either Clone DVD (licensed) or DVD Fab (Free trial) to try to backup a couple of ex-rental DVD’s that I just bought from a rental store.

All software is the most up to date version.

The issues that I have are that neither DVD backup program is seeing the drive - it’s like it doesn’t exist when I put in Titanic or Lucky Number Slevin, but works with other DVD’s I own.

The message that I have had from DVD Region + CSS Free is “the drive E: hasn’t region protection”. But I cannot see the DVD using anything else either - so I am assuming that this is a generic message.

Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong and how to resolve this problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi tobermorie_moose and welcome to cdfreaks,

First off, it’s not a stupid question and you should never have to apologize for asking a question here. (Now, if I can provide an answer that’s not stupid, we’re all set… :bigsmile: …)

What Fab application are you trialing? Platinum?, Gold?
Be certain you only have one decrypting application open. For eg., if using platinum and DVD Region + CSS Free is running, you’ll experience conflicts. It’s not sufficient just to disable it, you must exit the application.

Hi Maineman - thanks for the reply,

It was Fab Gold, but I have now uninstalled it. Sadly however - I now just get nothing, if I open DVD CSS Region free and click on ‘DVD info’ - nothing happens, just an hour glass, until I get the same message a few minutes later.

Is it just that the encryption isnt resolved by the application or something else?

As I say - I can do other DVD’s no problem.

Thanks for your help so far

So it’s just the ex-rental discs that fail?
I would clean your discs. Are they scratched up? There are some good retail products for discs, but I’ve never used them. I’ve heard Skip Doctor is a great product. You can use a soft lens cloth with isopropyl alcohol, windex or similar, toothpaste (acts like jeweler’s rouge), etc.

I still believe one of the all-time, best products is Brasso (metal polish). Mack (bigmacnc) first told me of this. He found 1-2 really scratched up, but not gouged, discs in a parking lot. Buffed 'em up with Brasso and presto-chango, they played. Make certain that you wipe from the center hole out to the edges and not in circular motions.

so you reackon scratches huh?

They play on a DVD player, but I’m not sure that this proves anything.

As for the Brasso - now I’ve heard everything!!! lol You’ll be telling me to shave them next…now there’s an idea.

thanks for your time - 'preciate it.


No that is name of a brass polish, ever since it was made people have been using it on plastics so they have started listing it on the label as a use. I buy previously viewed DVDs from Net Flix small local rental stores. I have never bought any from BlockBuster because I have heard that they do something physically to prevent copying. May try one at sometime but Net Flix will sell them shipped for a 6 bucks and change. There is a small local store on my way to work that has them sometimes 5 for $20.


Hi Mack, just an FYI…

I buy used flicks at my local BB and I’ve never experienced problems making bkups… :wink:



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Please, do not discuss here about copying (or backing-up) rented DVDs. That is ILLEGAL.

Keep it out of this forum.


Perhaps you should take the time to actually READ the posts before making accusations and telling others what they can and cannot do. Had you done so, you would have known that all three of us PURCHASED THESE MOVIES.

Engage Brain before opening mouth, Have a nice day!
Greetings Bollux

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is your butthole engaged?



My apologies!. Did not address anybody in particular. Why do you make it personal?

Just keep the stupid topic out of the forum and you will save it from unneeded trouble. Or are you paid by BB to create problems?

For everyones information:

If you want good deals on movies, all rental sources purchase large quantities of releases when the come out resulting in an overstock as the movie is in less demand. They then start selling them often starting at a high price and reduce price if they do not sell. NetFlix starts at $9.99 then $7.99 then the lowest I have seen $5.99 with all including S&H, but taxis added. They come in original cases with any inserts included and are guaranteed to play, but it is easier for me to repair than return which requires trip to PO and return postage. I might be in ones best interest to make friends with clerks in local stores, so you can get alerts when new one are put in the bin or hide you a copy of a title that you want. I think some stores even sell new unopened movies for regular price. Buying from these sources do not make them rental movies once purchased, they are previously viewed movies that you own same as buying one at local yard sale.

Buying movies this way is not for those who stand in line waiting to be first to purchase the releases when they come out. But for a cheapo like Tom (I can say that as he is a friend) and me it is an ideal deal. I’ve missed several movies because of cost at theater, not so much admission, but 3 bucks for a coke and the cost of popcorn & other snacks no way.

When I was 7-10 years old, you could go to movie, get a box of popcorn, and a coke for $.25. Movie admission was a dime and one day a bunch of us kids went to the theater and price had gone up to 12 cents and I only had a dime. The person selling tickets told me to go inside and talk to Mr. Brockman who owned the theater and took tickets. He gave me 2 pennies and told me to go back outside and purchase a ticket which I did and went back in and gave it to him and he tore it into and gave me half of it back. Later in life as an adult, I learned that he did that for several people sometimes the whole cost if it was part of a series running, but always the same process, he never just let anyone in without going outside and buying a ticket.


You ARE old! I paid the exorbitant price of 30 cents and candy was a nickel. We got 50 cents for the Saturday afternoon matinee. Course we lived in the NYC area of NJ so maybe it was just the high price of living in that area.
Walk down memory lane… :wink:

I can relate Mac. Back in the day it seems to me they used to show 2 movies!! I believe it was $.25 for movie and $.05 for candy. WOW!! :bigsmile:

In Connecticut, back in the good ol’ days, it cost me $0.15 to hit the flicks for the Saturday Matinee…and yeah rog, it was always a double feature and a couple of 'toons

The best memories were hanging out in the balcony seats. When the feature was boring or just plain lousy, a coke or some god-awful gooey concoction would go hurtling from above, down onto the crowd below. Yep, sometimes we made our own entertainment at the State Theater and you learned…in a New York minute…to get there early and grab yourself a balcony seat. Of course, I was always just an innocent bystander… :stuck_out_tongue: