DVD Region + CSS Free/ McAfee problem

I’ve been using DVD Region + CSS free for ages with no problems. I had it set to start automatically whenever I started a program it will work with - the main two being PowerDVD and Windows Media Player.

I have recently installed McAfee VirusScan (replacing another virus checker that had let me down badly a couple of times) and when I tried to open Windows Media Player (the first time since installing McAfee) it failed to open, and on checking Task manager, DVD Region + CSS free was there as “not responding”.

I now have stopped DVD R+CSSfree from starting automatically, and it seems to work OK with PowerDVD, but Windows Media PLayer still won’t play ball if DVD R+CSSfree (you need a shorter name!) IS running or HAS BEEN running (even if it isn’t running now). I need to reboot before media player will run, if I’ve had CSS+R free running at all.

I’m not 100% sure if it is McAfee causing the problem, but it seems a bit suspicious.

I guess it isn’t really an insurmountable problem, but it’s a pain nonetheless.

If anyone else has any idea how to get round the problem (I really haven’t delved too deeply in McAfee in case I bugger things up) I’d be grateful if they could help.


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You might want to set it back to auto load because sometimes when you install new programs old ones will stop responding. Resetting now will allow it to start after McAfee is running. I don’t have that product but do have DVDIdle Pro that contains it. I agree on the shorter name or a standard abbreviation such as “C&R Free.”


i have had the same problem with McAfee i did i virus scan and a spyware scan. no problem since, beats me. before the scans i would burn a cd then try to play it on powerdvd, click it nothing happens, click it again nothing happens. no program would respond, i couldn’t even restart my computer, so i thought it was a virus. but after those scan i have been problem free.

Well, duh! am I an idiot!

Seems I hadn’t upgraded to the latest verion of DVDR+CSS free.

Now I have done all is working well.

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      PS - thanks for the replies!