DVD Region+CSS Free Lite


I had 4 tries left before I installed DVD Region+CSS Free Lite. I then ran a different region DVD. When I did that it didn’t ask me to change the region. On the DVD Info window of DVD Region+CSS Free Lite it now tells me that “User Changes Left: 3”; “Vendor Resets Left:4”. Does this mean that I have only got 3 changes left? If that’s the case the software didn’t work. Can anyone advise.

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Always choose the region that yor drive is set to and program will make the movie region free.


Thanks Mack. I am a bit new concerning this software.
Where do you choose the drive? The program is set to start automatically. It was on region 2, I inserted region 1 DVD, it started playing automatically - no questions asked.

I am still concerned that I may only have 3 tries left, but from the info window, I am not sure if that is the case.



program has not been updated in ages… I have the registered version of it and regret it big time:( It won’t even work on titles that DVD43 has worked on.

Updated 10/26/2006 and soon to be updated to version 6.

Drive does not matter because it runs same settings on all drives in the computer. For more information go to:



That update was just to increase trial time. So that is not a real update. Real update would be fixing the issues with copy protection. So the last real update was way back in August. That is 4 months… a quarter of a year since a single update.