DVD Region coding font?

Hello, do the following exist as fonts?

DVD Region coding symbols
(example, Region 2 in a rounded corner square with a stylised globe behind)

DVD Format Logos
(DVD Video, DVD Audio, DVD-R etc…)

I have the DVD format logos available as enormous .bmp files, but the scale down to a small size is creating rather scruffy results. If they were available as a font, that would be perfect.

If there are legal issues with providing these fonts on the forum, I understand, but even help with just the font names would be a start.

Thanks in advance for any help.

OK, just to answer my own Post.

I stumbled across DiscMakersFont0304.ttf

it is attached to this post as dmfont.zip

This contains the base group of DVD format logos and CD format logos, along with trademarks for various audio & video standards and structures.

This font does not include Region Code logos, so, if anyone can help with that, I’d be delighted.

dmfont.zip (17 KB)

Here’s another two fonts that may be of use for people recording UK TV Broadcasts or wishing to archive past television footage with a broadcaster logo on their home-made sleeve.

BBC Striped Channel Logos.ttf

BBC TV Channel Logos.ttf

Both available in one zip file @:

Specific: http://www.dafont.com/en/font.php?file=bbc_logos

Main: http://www.dafont.com/en/

So, Basically someone in this community knows where to get the region coding font but won’t share? : (

Okay here you go all the DVD fonts you could want. :wink:


Some DVD region codes


Just click on search and type in what you are looking for and most
of the time you will be able to find but not always.