DVD Region Code fails

We have a 6 month old IBM ThinkPad T22. The DVD player worked originally, but now it won’t. I have tried several brands of DVD Players with several DVD’s, notably PowerDVD and Easy-DVD-Player.

PowerDVD gives me an error 89030000 and Easy-DVD-Player tells me that the DVD’s region code is incompatible with this DVD. Both are set to 1.

The DVD-ROM is a Hitachi GD-S200.

I’m no hacker, nor have I ever even burned a CD or DVD on this computer.

I can play an audio CD on this device with no problem, so I know it sees it.

I have upgraded the computer to the latest version of BIOS.

I can’t update the firmware on the drive itself because the only update I can find requires you to create a bootable floppy to patch the DVD firmware. This is impossible on my laptop since it only has one bay. I could boot the floppy, but there’d be no DVD to apply the patch too.

Any help or even wildass ideas would be appreciated.

If you have WIN98 or ME on your Laptop, boot to the DOS prompt with NOTHING loaded in (rename config.sys and autoexec.bat files) then thats the same as using a boot disk, run the update firmware files from the C:\ drive.