DVD Region Change Error windows xp

Hi everyone.

I’m running Windows XP sp2, and am having trouble updating region settings on the internal DVD drive. I recently moved back to the states with this US bought PC and cannot change the DVD settings back to region 1.

this is the error message

DVD Region Change Error
Unable to update region settings. Please make sure the drive contains a region 1 media and you have administrative privileges

(I have 3 changes remaining)

Is this a software/registry thing or hardware issue?

This is what I’ve tried

  1. Control Panel>Admin Tools>Computer Mgt. shortcut>Systems Tools>Device Mgr.>DVD/CD Rom Drives>Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616E

then select the DVD region tab and try to change things up and get prompted with the error above.

I’m so bummed about this that perhaps I’ll be forced to buy another DVD drive. I have little money to spare … any help would be much appreciated …


So, do you have admin privs with your account?

I’ve had the same thing. It’s worked fine when I’ve had a region 2 disc in the drive (I’m from the UK).

Thanks for your comments.

How do I get into Administrator mode on my PC running on Windows XP sp2, in order for me to update the region code correctly?


Log in as administrator or any user which has admin privs.

Thanks Chef,

Dumb questions perhaps, but how do I log in as admin? Thanks and happy

Have you installed the OS?
Who has done that or the manual should give you the answer how tolog in as admin/privileged user.