Dvd redundcy error



I have been lurking around tying to get some answers and have tried to do this on my own I have been coping dvd for some time with dvd shrink and it works great but I have started running into cycle redundcy errors and mostly on disney dvd’s I know this is a new type of protection and I tried to download dvd decryptor (have tried several times to use it can not figure it out) went back to the site and it has been closed so I am asking for help figuring out how to get around this


Try with DVD Fab Decrypter (it’s free). Or, if you don’t mind paying a little, SlySoft’s AnyDVD is also very good, used in conjunction with Shrink - you can get a free trial of it.



thanks a lot
I know I am just a newbie but what does anydvd and dvd fab do that dvd shrink does not?


I am just trying to understand all this stuff and learn as much as I can (gotta start somewhere huh!)


try this method


AnyDVD just runs in the background, and makes other programs (eg Shrink) think there’s no copy protection, and DVD Fab Decrypter does pretty much the same as Shrink, but it works with the most recent protections.

As you may know, Shrink is no longer being developed :sad:

As for being “just a newbie” - we all were once! :slight_smile: