DVD recover software

Hello everybody,

I have the following problem: I burned a DVD in DVD(ISO) mode with a 4 GB file. The software didn’t warned me and reported burn process ended OK (even data verification). Now if I try to read the DVD, the file is only ~300 MB and I can’t read the whole file. I’ve tried different solution but I couldn’t recover the file.
If you know a solution I would greatly appreciate your help :bow:

Thank you.

What about the source media? Redo from the source or is that not possible?? What program did you use to burn the iso. That would be the program you should use to check on the media.

I don’t have the original material anymore. I used Complex Evolution to burn the DVD, but I didn’t get any support from them to solve the problem.

What was the orig. DVD about ? was it a movie or what

It’s a RAR archive.