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I have an AD Aspire DVD Recorder and tried to transfer a VHS tape to DVD. When I did, it plays back just fine on my Aspire, but will not play back on any other DVD player or computer. I used a DVD+R blank DVD disc. Can you help? Do I need to use a DVD-R blank disc?

You probably just need to finalize the disk in your recorder. Look in your manual on the procedure for finalizing a disk.


I appreciate your reply. However, the DVD recorder was a gift and I have no manual. As I mentioned, the disc plays back on the recorder. However, it will not play on any other DVD player or computer. I believe I am supposed to be using blank DVD+R discs. Am I correct? Do you have any other suggestions?



This is normal behavior for a disk that has not been finalized. The easiest solution is to use the recorder that it was made on to do this process of finalization.

This is not a function of using DVD +R vs DVD -R disks.

Looking online, the Aspire recorders got very poor user reports, and the only website I could find for them is no longer working. Finding a manual may prove to be difficult.

Without finalizing, a DVD-R or DVD+R can not be played back by another playback device.

DVD Recorders generally have a menu that will lead you to the FINALIZE function.

Finalizing is typically found under MENU, SETTINGS, DISC, DISC EDIT, FUNCTIONS, OTHER FUNCTIONS or something similar.

DVD-R is the original home-recorded DVD format that is compatible with most playback devices. DVD+R is a later DVD format that is not always compatible with some older recording and/or playback devices. (The DVD+R format was first recognized by the DVD Forum as an official DVD format on 25 January 2008.) I use nothing but DVD-R DVDs for archival storage and duplication.

[QUOTE=jdmancino;2591124]I have an AD Aspire DVD Recorder[/QUOTE]

Which model number is it?