DVD Recording


I have a Centrios DVD Recorder/Player. I purchased an IPhone and found it cheaper and a lot more convenient to use my DVD recorder to record Television shows and movies to download on the IPhone. I bought one of the converters to convert to the IPhone.

I have lots of DVDs, mostly DVD-R, but also some DVD+RW. The Centrios DVD Recorder manual states that the recorder only supports DVD+R and DVD+RW.

I found one DVD+RW that works in the DVD drive to turn the Televsion on and, for about a month, I have been recording movies from the TV and downloading to my IPhone. None of the other DVDs stay in the drive. I went out and purchased a whole pack of DVD+RW and none of them stay in the drive.

Just yesterday, my one and only DVD+RW that I was using to record will not stay in the drive. Have I overwritten it to its limit?

What should I do? I want to be able to record movies with the DVD Recorder.

My email is barbdjohn@verizon.net

Thank you.

Perhaps there’s better firmware for your Centrios recorder?